Versatile Japanese BBQ steakhouse serving high quality cuts, ramen & kimchi.

anjin inside

Beef Carpaccio – Must get. The meat quality is so good it almost has a sushi like texture and just melts in your mouth.

Beef Tongue No Onions – This is one of my favorite dishes here and I believe this is better than Tsuruhashi beef tongue. Perfect chewy texture.

Beef Tongue Onions – Once the onions and beef go on the grill together it almost has a hamburger like taste.. reminded me of In N Out I did not like this.

JOJO – No this isn’t #4 prime short rib. This is off the menu secret better than prime short rib. It’s expensive but totally worth it! The meat was just buttery and bomb.


Holy anjin, best Japanese bbq in all of OC! Be prepare to wait half a lifetime if you come here anytime after 6, especially on a weekend.. the meat quality is amazing but it’s a bit pricy. But after waiting for so long, the food WILL taste that much better lol
Anjin does open till pretty late so if you decide to come later, there’s usually no wait.


First time here and  i and my friends so excited when we come at midnight. Even we went like 12 am they are still happy to welcome us. We order the tenderloin, 3 order of marble short rib. It is a bomb. For me, they got the best quality of the meat. It’s melt in the mouth because of the fatty.
Esspecially, they also have the A5 from Japan, it is unbelievable.


I can vouch for the other thousand reviews here, it’s all about QUALITY over QUANTITY!

I’ve had Anjin bookmarked for ages, but after being in and out of my JBBQ phase for the past few years, I’ve skipped over Anjin. I’m glad I finally gave it a try last night!

Parking: SUCKS. ALWAYS. Same plaza as Halal Guys, Hashigo, etc.! Doesn’t matter what time you arrive, it just sucks. You can valet (kind of stupid), but if you have no other choice, that’s all you’ve got. At least it’s complimentary!

Reservations/Wait: Restaurant opens at 5pm, there’s generally already a rush by the time it opens. Be ready to wait for at least 45 minutes to be seated. They do not take reservations over the phone! I came at 5:10 to reserve a table for 3 at 6pm, and they did that for me!

Restaurant: Super tiny restaurant, all booths and very limited seating. It can get cramped, but they have dividers between each booth so you can have some privacy. Their ventilation is great, so you won’t have to worry about smelling too much like BBQ.

Menu: Limited selection of different cuts of various meats, including seafood! There’s also sides such as salad, kimchi, soup, etc.! I mainly came for the meat so that was exactly what we ordered. The meat is definitely pricey $8 – $16 depending on what you order and they only come out in about 10 pieces per plate. I recommend to order some rice to fill up with the meat if you want to feel more full.

Here’s what my table ordered:

Homemade Kimchi (5/5): We figured it was just nice to get a small side to pair with the meat. The kimchi is good, not overly spicy, goes well with the rice! Their rice is nice and gooey and delicious! They also give out a lot to share as well!

Beef Carpaccio (5/5): I love love love carpaccio, and generally order it anywhere it is offered. Anjin’s is no exception! I love the sauce drizzled over it, it’s creamy and tangy and just kind of melts in your mouth with the thinly sliced beef.

Salted Tongue (4/5): I’m generally not a huge fan of tongue because of the texture. It’s chewy and a bit hard to bite through for me. However, their beef tongue wasn’t bad at all, I like that it’s lightly salted and when you grill it for some time, it gets kind of crisp around the edges which makes it taste even better. I recommend dipping it in the sauce! YUM.

Marbled Prime Boneless Short Rib (5/5): Marbled perfection. This was my favorite item to order. The marinade is slightly sweet, almost like teriyaki but it isn’t overwhelming. I like to cook the meat to a nice medium rare, keeps it nice and juicy!

Pork Belly (3/5): The pork belly here was alright. Perhaps the grill was on low and we were starving so we didn’t let it sit for long, but I wanted it to be charred like bacon but it took too long. It was salted for some flavor, but I honestly preferred their beef over this. If I do get it, I might cook this one last since it does take longer.

Overall experience here was great. The service was superb, the workers were very nice since they saw me freezing outside, they let me sit at my table to wait instead of waiting outside. They were very attentive and patient with us while we were taking our orders. The food was delicious, especially the beef. Their beef quality is honestly the best I’ve had in the OC, and though it is quite pricey, I would honestly come back for special occasions!


This place is amazing!

We ordered:

The meat (see below) were all amazing. They were all premium meat and delicious.
-rib eye
-carpaccio (this one is raw and I really liked it; the hubby didn’t like it much though)

-kimchi: homemade and delicious. I am not really a kimchi person their kimchi was yummy.

-crispy fried rice: I liked this dish as well. It was the perfect amount of crunchiness. Also, this dish is a bit spicy (my husband thought this one was just okay)

-salad: I loved the sauce they used for their salad (I think it’s sesame mixed with something else but unsure)

-udon: husband loved their udon; he loved the texture of the noodles and how everything tasted. I’m not really a huge udon fan so it was just okay for me.


This place exceeded my expectations. I don’t think I can ever go back to Korean BBQ (not even to my favorite place Quarters). The meat and service here is just amazing. We got the salted beef tongue, prime marble rib eye, prime marble boneless short time, beef carpaccio and their kobe beef.

All the meats were amazingly flavorful and they were all melt in your mouth amazing. Thanks Anjin, I will never be satisfied at K BBQ or other Jap BBQ again.


Anjin has been around for a while now. Everytime you go here there’s a long line of people waiting to get seated. This just shows how popular this place is to locals and many Japanese people in the OC area that are craving for Japanese Bbq. The cuts and style of marinating is different in Japanese vs Korean style. First off all, this is not an All you can eat place. You order premium beef and no sides are included unless ordered. My personal favorite are the premium Galbi and Prime Rib. That with a side of Bibimbap Rice that comes in a hot stone pot is just heavenly. The marbling in the Galbi is amazing and you can’t get enough. You will easily rack up a nice bill here but at the end of the day it is definitely worth it!


Anjin…you exceed my expectations every time. I honestly think Anjin’s meat quality is better than Tsuruhashi’s. I really wish Anjin took reservations because there is always a 30+ minute wait unless you go right when it opens or later into the night (around 10pm). They also are only opened for dinner, but are opened 7 days a week.

The downside is that the prices are up there considering how small each dish is. Expect to spend around $100+ for 2 people if you want to leave completely full. Just remember you are paying for quality, not quantity. Definitely would recommend taking a date here! However, you may leave with hair smelling like the grill and breath smelling like garlic, but the meat quality and sauces are worth it!!

MARBLED PRIME RIB EYE($12.95): Sooo bomb! It literally melts in your mouth. Make sure to not overcook it. A few seconds on each side and you’re ready to devour this goodness.

SALTED TONGUE($11.50): Soft and chewy…I love beef tongue. You can really taste the quality in this one. It’s not your typical beef tongue you’d get at all you can eat korean bbq places. This comes with a lemon dipping sauce that goes really well with the tongue.

BEEF CARPACCIO($7.50): You eat this RARE and I promise you, you will not regret ordering this. There is a creamy sauce that is drizzled on top of this thinly sliced raw beef that goes perfectly together.

PORK BELLY($7.25): This was good, but I don’t know if I would order this again. Probably just stick to the beef dishes. Don’t get me wrong, the pork had a lot of flavor and just the right amount of meat and fat ratio.